Acorn Housing | About us
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About us


Acorn Housing has been established since 2016 we provide an inventive approach to the ever-growing demand for affordable housing. Our aim is to rehome people from Temporary accommodation to a long-term tenancy.


At Acorn we have over 20 years’ experience combined in the social housing and care department. Through the years we have built up strong relationships with partners and local authorities. We coordinate with our team to successfully offer solutions to local authorities so our tenants can have the best possible experience when relocating with us.


The rising house crisis in the UK and the opening of the new homelessness reduction Act 2017, This requires local authorities to intervene at earlier stages to prevent homelessness in their areas and requires authorities to provide homelessness service to all those affected, not just those who have ‘Priority need’


Here at Acorn housing we know everyone deserves a quality safe secure home. Acorn housing work in partnership with local authorities to help stop homelessness by assisting them with their homeless prevention strategies.

We offer affordable accommodation and support to families and individuals who are facing homelessness, we relocate people to North Yorkshire offering a 2-year tenancy agreement and a fresh start.

Our aim is to offer better living circumstances and provide support in securing properties. We source suitable, low cost residential properties throughout North Yorkshire.

With our housing and support services, this combination provides a more cost-effective way to make people’s lives more secure and productive. People who are faced with challenges as well as families with concerning issues need the support of combined long-term accommodation and hands on support. These people can vary from homelessness, ex-offenders, low income families as well as individuals who have become victims of domestic violence who can all find it difficult to have an enjoyable and better quality of life.

We can guarantee all our properties are under the relevant local housing allowance rates and meet all the necessary safety regulations by providing through in-depth property inspections.

Our housing profile is updated regularly with suitable properties, we aim to work quickly and effectively whilst providing a quality customer experience.

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